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Finding more in Good Karma Croutons and (still) waking early.

Got bread? Increase your daily karma quotient with croutons….a great way to use up old crusty bread ends.

I don’t know about you guys but we’ve got bread in the house constantly. Personally, I don’t tend to eat it as I am mostly wheat-free, but the kids do.

You see if I had my way, there would be no bread, no ketchup, and never an oreo in sight in this house. But I’ve got kids. And a husband who is an athlete. I don’t deny them the odd treat and I try my best to raise them in a way that teaches moderation in all things (especially to diets that are too limiting or too strict unless totally necessary for good health).

So we have bread, always good quality bread, baked without yeast or sugar or additives. And a couple times a week, we have leftover bread. As simple as it seems, croutons are still often a store bought item in so many salad loving homes. Here’s the deal on the homemade goods.

The Less:

Less packaging is a bonus with home made croutons. Guaranteed you will ingest less sodium, additives, and rancid stale oils too. Less waste as you stop chucking those poor bread nubbins, unless you happen to be one of those folks who likes to eat them. Less cost too.

The More:

Kids love making croutons. They just do. More things to do with your kids in the kitchen. More good karma for your economic and healthful ways. More taste from real sea salt and quality olive oil. I call those things all wins.

Here’s how:

Homemade Good Karma Croutons:

You need:

  • a few slices of old bread, new bread, any bread
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt
  • optional pepper, garlic powder, or dry herbs!

Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Chop your bread into bite sized cubes and toss them in a bowl. Drizzle enough olive oil to moisten and mix with your hands – or get a loved one to do this with you. Add a sprinkle or a pinch of salt (careful not to over-salt), and maybe a little garlic powder or herbs if you like.

Lay flat on a cookie sheet in one layer and bake for 15 minutes or so, checking often and turning once or twice. Remove when golden and fragrant. Allow to cool and see if they make it to the salad!

Don’t want to eat them yourself? Surprise your neighbor with them. How’s that for a nice thing to do?

I use the best sea salt I can find….coarse salt from France. I know, it’s not cheap, but you use less and it tastes and feels so much better than the iodized salt from a box. The same goes for olive oil – make sure you are getting true Italian or Spanish or Greek – always extra virgin, always cold pressed. So many oils these days are using olives grown in China, then processed in Europe. Check your labels if you can!

I am preparing for a fast tomorrow with a green smoothie today. I’ll post more about that soon.

As an update, I was up early this morning. It felt good and my family really needs me right now. This parenting gig isn’t easy, but it’s worth every late night and early morning in the world.

In the meantime, make the most of your day, and be sure to tell your loved ones that you love them.

Because you just can’t do that enough.

Yours in Less,


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Finding More in waking (just a little) early.

A lot of successful people I know wake early.

The benefits are widely known. Early risers get more done, and enjoy the peaceful early morning hours to work and collect themselves before anyone else in the house, or the world, awakes.

I am not a natural morning person, but trust me, I want to be!

So here I am up early on a Saturday enjoying a coffee and the glorious sunrise, getting a blog post done and planning for another busy Saturday.

If I could change one thing in my day, I would rise everyday at 6am to go for my run.

As a runner, I have always enjoyed evening runs, but it seems in recent years, it is becoming harder and harder to fit it in between all the other evening commitments – kids sports and family life is busier than ever. I’ll be working on waking earlier.

Not at 5 am like a lot of keeners I know (and admire), but by waking (just a little) earlier I know I can give myself the gift of time, space, and freedom that I need as I take more and more on (currently I still manage to get it in, but it’s a tough juggle).

So what’s stopping me? A lot of things. None of which are valid. Early rising is simply one discipline I have not conquered, and it’s time to change this.

Its time to stop finding reasons why not.

  • Are you an early riser?
  • What keeps you motivated to wake early?
  • If you could add one thing to your day, what would it be?

I’ll keep you posted on my own progress. I might just have time for a run this beautiful morning.

Maybe I would meditate in the morning too.

Yours in Less,


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