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Recipe: Apple, Kale & Hemp Seed Green Smoothie

Easy, clean eating to fuel your body.

Don’t major in minor things.

~ Author Unknown

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I am a mess.

And no, I don’t mean in the kitchen (but I am that too and I LOVE it).

I mean, I worry. I try to worry (just a little) less at times, but catch me at a bad time late at night and it’s game over.

I worry about my schedule, or I worry that the kids won’t have the strength they need to stand up to a mean kid at school. I worry about the tall tree in the neighbor’s yard that might fall on the house in a windstorm, and I worry that I could get sick with some scary awful disease and leave my kids and my husband all alone (completely unwillingly of course).

Now please don’t get scared, I am not going somewhere dark or deep here.

I’m just saying, I think it’s in us all to worry, right? And we should be responsible, and do our diligence by living healthily and reducing our reasons to worry needlessly.

Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things happen. Don’t be afraid.

~ Frederick Buechner

So cue the checklist to healthy living.

Eat well (check). Live well (check). Exercise (check). Laugh (check). Give thanks (major check) Give yourself regular breast exams.


Am I the only one that is (so far) dangerously lax in this department?

This week I decided to take action on that front & was quite terrified when I actually found something. It was indeed a painful lump in my armpit (SO tender!).

It was late at night at the time of this discovery, time for bed. After my discovery and the inevitable irrationality of thoughts that followed, a little visit to the Mr. Internet Self  Diagnosis department, and more irrationality (there may have been tears & attempts to hide them from the husband), I finally fell asleep.

Like I said, I am a mess sometimes. But aren’t we all? (And it WAS late).

The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.

~ Chinese Proverb

Waking up that morning I vowed to be better. To check more often, and to visit the doctor more often. After all, I am in the prime age for this kind of stuff, and statistics show 1 in 8 of us will be diagnosed with breast cancer during our lifetime.

Shira you owe it to your family to do a better job (check).

After several hours of worry that morning, trying to work but only really thinking of my sore armpit (it was really really sore), and (maybe) a call to work announcing that I’d found a scary evil worrisome lump (in my pit), I managed to see the doctor in the clinic.

Even waiting there in that room (evidently the very same room almost 10 years ago that I learned I was pregnant the second time), I was a mess. Biting back tears, I explained my case.

I told the lovely doctor about the discovery, and about how I’d rubbed that lump extra hard to see just what kind of lump it was. I told her it really hurt (it really did).

When she didn’t seem to look worried, I started to (maybe) feel like it wasn’t going to be so bad.

Then when she asked me to take my shirt off and started poking around under my arm, I pretty much realized it was going to be okay.

The Less:

Less worry and more action means you can spend energy on real matters. Less avoidance of important issues means more facing things head on. Fewer reasons to fret needlessly means more calm in your center, so making room for thoughts that are fruitful comes easy.

The More:

More action on health issues means fewer reasons to lose sleep. More calm, confident feelings means more rational sound thinking. More healthy food and healthy thoughts means more wholeness and good, wholesome living. So the need to worry can go out with the compost.

Apple, Kale & Hemp Seed Green Smoothie:

  • (1) organic apple, seeded and chopped
  • (1/2 – 1) avocado
  • (1-1.5) cups mango juice, (or apple juice if you don’t have access to mango)
  • (1) tbsp hemp hearts
  • (3-4) leaves green kale
  • (3-4) ice cubes, if desired

Blend all to a creamy consistency and enjoy immediately for full health benefits. Don’t worry though if you do need to blend it and enjoy it later..it will still be good for you (but maybe not if you worry too much about it) 😉

This makes a generous amount that can easily feed 2-3 hungry people, but if you are at all like me, this could be just for one worry-free wonder woman (or man) as well. I often use this as my main daily sustenance until late afternoon, which means I have no problem enjoying the full recipe over the course of the morning.

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

~ Dr. Seuss

Turns out, I managed to strain a muscle in my armpit. I learned from the very nice doctor lady that there aren’t any nodes in there, but there are a lot of tendons (apparently ones that don’t like being pressured frenetically late at night).

I’d rubbed the heck out of that node the night I discovered it and caused myself a whole lot of pain for no other reason but to give myself a little wake up call.

I’m glad it was all okay.

And I don’t wish for the day when it isn’t. For anyone out there that has had a scare, or (heaven forbid) has been through cancer, I was reminded this week of how lucky we all are to have our health.

Only a few things are really important. 

~ Marie Dressler

How can something bother you if you won’t let it?

~ Terri Guillemets

I don’t know how I strained my armpit, and it doesn’t really matter, the point is, I am going to be okay (it’s all healed now too so that’s good). For now, at least, and that is worth celebrating, and protecting, every day.

And I hope you are too.

So don’t delay on giving yourself some well-intentioned attention. Check yourself regularly, and eat well. Go to the doctor for check ups, and try not to worry (I think it comes with the Motherhood territory and having a majorly over-active imagination).

Surround yourself with friends that care about you.

And treat yourself to a green smoothie. Just be careful not to strain any muscles while tearing up your kale 🙂

That’s for you, JY and MN 😉 Love.

Yours in Less,


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Recipe: Everyday Green Smoothie

Okay, who is totally loving the extra daylight?

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

~ Buddha

And now for something completely different…and maybe (just a little) more healthy. After all, it is spring, and spring calls for:
  • lighter food
  • lighter clothing
  • lighter thinking
  • lighter evenings (yay)!
It’s time to talk smoothies (just a little).
Can we just stop here for a moment in revel in the health benefits and yummy flavors of endless possible combinations of blended fruits?

Okay. Good.

Now, lately (and I know I am not alone here), I have been enjoying many versions of the green smoothie. I like to add avocado to make it creamy and satisfying (again, sooo not alone here). The other fruit I add is totally dependent on what’s around. In keeping with the theme of ‘less is more’ – I try whenever I can to incorporate cheaper, more local fruits into my blended delights – like the frozen cranberries pictured here (a giant BC crop that is largely exported), or cast-off apples, frozen BC berries, etc. But the beauty really is – anything goes!

The Less:

Less heavy meals means easy work for your body and mind, not to mention a light energetic feeling to boot. Easy to digest fruit sugars give the body a nice buzz that doesn’t crash and leave you down in the dumps. Less pasteurized fruit juices and over the counter smoothies means more fresh enzymes and less additives, sugar, or other things you don’t want or need.

The More:

More fresh fruits means more vital energy pulsing through your veins. More blended live enzymes means the body gets a hand digesting (imagine digestion that wasn’t taxing!) More greens, fiber, and good fat from this combo will result in all round feel good vibes. Everyday.

Everyday Green Smoothie:

  • (1) avocado (feel free to use a half or a whole)
  • (1) cup chopped fresh or frozen fruit (berries, summer fruit, apple, mango)
  • (1) banana (you can sub this out too)
  • (1) cup liquid – apple juice, water, almond milk*
  • (1-2) leaves kale or a handful of fresh spinach leaves
  • (1-2) dates (optional)

Add your ingredients to the blender, blend on high for a minute or two, and enjoy!

* Start with one cup of liquid and add more if needed.

One the topic of liquid, I am a little old-school and have a thing about mixing fruit with other foods – years ago (like almost 20 years or so) I read a number of books on proper food combining and have never really dropped the idea that fruits should be eaten alone or not at all.

With that said, almond milk in smoothies is utterly delicious. My own personal experience tells me almond milk can combine with longer digesting fruits like banana, but it is up to the individual to find what works for them on this one.

For more current info on this topic by someone I really admire, check out the beautiful New York based raw food cleanse guru Natalia Rose here.

This is one of my go to post-fast meals, especially for the morning after a fast day. Or, if I feel that I can’t go without food entirely on a fast day (it happens), it’s common for me to whip up a fairly generous portion of this to take with me to consume when I need it (but never before).

Because fasting isn’t always about not eating, and consuming smoothie for a portion of a day would be a great way to ‘go without’ for many who typically eat heavier, more taxing foods as habit or preference.

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.

~ Deepak Chopra

  • What is your fave smoothie fruit?
  • Are you enjoying the extra daylight too?

I love receiving your feedback and know many of you will have a lot to add here – I’d love to know your favorites!

On another note, my feet really look great – though who are we kidding, I think I only go for the massage!

I looked for some of the suggested shades (thank you!), was unsuccessful, and ended up choosing something called “Clubbing all Night” by OPI. Don’t quote me exactly on the name, but it’s a delightfully sparkly orange that is making me very happy – not to mention making me imagine myself as (just a little) bad ass with that name…

Next up: a little something with quinoa!

I hope you are all having an amazingly wonderful week – and here’s to lighter living in honor of the arrival of spring!

Yours in Less,


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Finding more in (just a little) Versatile Blogging.

A nice Sunday spent in the kitchen…

Sunday sustenance…straight up avocado on barley toast. Chilis and sea salt and (just a little) olive oil.

The Versatile Blogger award – a nice little shout out and a chance to talk about your favorite blogs!

(I really love awards, this is pretty fun – thanks to those who shared the love!).

Truthfully, I owe a shout-out to 3 bloggers who have so kindly nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger award – it is now time I bestow the honor back or onward to others! For those about to be nominated, here are the rules:

The rules for the award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 more bloggers that you enjoy.
  4. Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated!

So here I go..ready?

IPOM thanks the following 3 bloggers for the nomination:

  • Cognitive Dimension (in and out of your mind)
  • Slotheatz (super positive high energy and fresh healthy awesomeness)(I would nominate her but alas she’s already been, but do check her out!)
  • The Veggie Nook (totally super positive and healthy outlook on vegan food)(ditto same as slotheatz above)

And here I go with my 7 things..

  • I live and work in beautiful Vancouver, BC, surrounded by majestic mountains and endless water.
  • I don’t swim or ski despite the above (insert irony here).
  • I am mother to two daughters. Thankfully only one of them is a lot like me (hehe).
  • I am a runner (and occasional gym rat) but have also enjoyed stints with yoga, most notably Bikram’s. I get super grumpy without fresh air!
  • I am a lifelong vegetarian (and I married someone who isn’t), but have always been drawn to raw foods and dairy free living (I just feel better). I like simple food made with few quality ingredients, and I love making and preparing food for others.
  • IPOM was started so I could connect, share recipes, write, and generally have fun with food with a ‘less is more’ approach. Y’all are not disappointing (insert big thumbs up here) – and thanks for all the support so far!
  • I started a non-profit organization called Not So Fast which aims at providing hunger relief through the premise of ‘going without so others don’t have to’. I make a conscious effort to take part once weekly by abstaining from something and donating a small amount of money to feed the hungry.

How was that? Okay here’s the good part..

15 bloggers I enjoy visiting often or have just discovered (and am excited about) are:

  • Spaark – art inspiration from Whistler, BC, (also my best friend)
  • While Chasing Kids – gorgeous, homemade, rustic food photographed splendidly!
  • Just Homemade – inspiring, authentic Indian food, need I say more?
  • An Unrefined Vegan – stylishly put together, super awesome vegan stuff – love it!
  • Marina Chetner – wonderful travel photography from Brooklyn and elsewhere. Great insider looks into some cool parts of the world, most notably New York. My Favorite 🙂
  • Cooking Spree – lovely homey foods photographed beautifully. I am a sucker for elegant simplicity, and this site delivers!
  • Handmake My Life – super quirky and personal looks at crafting and links to DIY inspiration. Great style I really enjoy.
  • Stay Flexi With Lexi – a super look into how to live a flexitarian lifestyle, with Alexa and her juice!
  • This Sydney Life – Wonderful quirk and style are 2 of my favorite qualities, and this Sydney, Australia blog offers lots! Fun to make friends from across the world!
  • Frugal Feeding – already a popular blog, I still have to mention that I love what this blog is all about: living well on littl(er) means.
  • Vegetarian Epicurian – lovely vegetarian recipes featured by a fellow kale lover!
  • she cooks, she gardens – inspired, clean eating lifestyle – lovely! I love all references to gardens..
  • People, Places, and Bling – a look at how to shop (with savvy too!) and live like a local in Paris. Sign me up!
  • Emmy Cooks – cooking in Seattle – she raises children, chickens, “and–occasionally–a ruckus”! Great!
  • The Plum Palate – regional food simply and expertly prepared – love this concept!

Here are a few more: the already nominated and ever entertaining slotheatz and the veggie nook, Anna at The Guiltless Life (a fellow Vancouverite and inspiring blogger!), Fork and Beans, (Just a Litte Joy) – I fell in love at the name, never mind the lovely design and lastly, for inspiration krista and jess & shebicycles – the most newly discovered via Freshly Pressed!

I am sure I just broke a few rules there as there are still a lot of names I want to put down….there are just so many fantastic and enthusiastic bloggers out there!

“It is better to travel well than to arrive”

~ Buddha (recently snatched from the Home page of shebicycles)

So there we have it (I hope you guys are still with me) – I am now looking forward to next week..the next post (I promise) to feature the ridiculous kale pesto I keep talking about (I promise it exists).

Here is a little piece I like to call ‘a little fun with iphones’ – by none other than the ever creative young one in this house.

Thanks again to those who nominated IPOM, you guys are awesome! I am off now to enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend.

How did you enjoy your weekend?

We spent a fair bit of time dancing, as you can see.

Happy Sunday!

Yours in Less,


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