Not So Fast

You go without. For one day. Those who would otherwise go hungry, are fed.

Not So Fast started in April of 2011 after a serious light bulb moment for me. I was at a concert in Vancouver with my husband – and that was when it hit me. It seemed like most simple and perfect concept ever.

I can go without so others don’t have to.

Others can do it too.

What if everyone did it?

It came to me on a Wednesday. By Friday I had named it, and by Saturday I started. You can read the first blog post I wrote here.

That first day I committed myself to some form of fasting for one day, every week, for a year (we are well past this now and I am glad to say it is now a part of my routine & everyday approach). I knew that if I was to ever suggest to anyone else they should fast, I would have to walk the talk.

I had to speak from experience.

Who We Are

Not So Fast is now a registered non-profit organization with some very exciting plans.

To date, we have raised and donated over $3,000 to various food relief organizations. We are working on plans to launch the platform and we want to get you involved.

From the beginning I knew it would be a long process, and it was important that the fasting and giving started right away.

What We Do

We are working closely with a local organization in Vancouver that provides nutritious food to Vancouver’s neediest families (Strathcona Community Center – link here) in an effort to both raise funds locally and to inspire involvement elsewhere in other communities.

We work closely with the program to see our money go towards purchasing inexpensive, nutritious staples, and locally when available, like the food you will find in the recipes on this blog, and hopefully, the cookbook Not So Fast has in the works right now.

On June 23rd of this year, NSF hosted it’s first ever cooking class for inner city kids, working with 10 local youth to create nutritious recipes (like this one) from scratch.

NSF has plans to continue this initiative, in an effort to provide the skills required to live well on less, no matter where (or who) you are.

The funds for all the ingredients were made possible by the efforts of a few keen community members, looking to make a difference by challenging themselves to go without for the good of others. This was also made entirely possible through the time and effort of our passionate & dedicated team of volunteers.

Follow Us

If you would like to learn more or get involved, you can follow us in many ways: on Twitter, on Facebook (you have to like us, but hey, we will like you back) or at our website. Here you can find all the info you need to be in touch or to join us.

On my own journey to learning to live with less, I have realized that nothing worth doing is ever easy, whether it’s saying no to a pizza when you’re fasting, or starting a new organization from nothing, but every step brings you closer to your goal. And every good deed makes our world just a tiny bit better – for both giver and receiver! Less is always more.

Let us know how you might like to get involved below! We would love to hear from you…you can also make a donation anytime here.

Living with (just a little) less isn’t that hard.

Think you can you do it? If we can, anyone can. Stay tuned!

24 responses to “Not So Fast

  1. This is soooo inspiring! I love it. Will be following your progress for sure.

  2. A truly excellent idea. Particularly poignant today when there are more people dying from obesity than malnutrition.

    • Thank so much! I am excited to see where it goes and am happy to be connecting to others who might share in the Vision. We are truly living in times of severe extremes – like illustrated in this article (thank you for the link, btw, so sobering) – thanks for your kind words, I hope you’ll check in again. We should have our platform ready in a few months if all goes well. Ciao for now!

  3. Amazing idea!! Keep up the good work!

  4. Love this idea! It’s very inspiring and shows that any one can come up with good ideas to do good…

  5. Woooohoooo! I’m blown away – really. I’m off to investigate your various sites/links.

    • Oh, derr, I’m already following – hehe!

    • Oh – thanks – I am so happy you stumbled upon this portion of my project (actually the reason I started blogging! Wonderful! Warning…the NSF website is a skeleton right now and our look is currently is some very capable creative hands – it will soon be redone! Love it – let me know if you have any questions!

  6. Wow Shira – so how does this work? Does yori whole family fast for a day together?

    • Hey you! It’s been evolving – I just wrapped my year commitment of fasting once a week – through the course of the year I now know what works well and what doesn’t (I consider myself the guinea pig!) We’ve completed much of the formalities of creating an organization from scratch and are in the process of branding ourselves and developing our ‘engagement’ piece. The basis is that people can ‘go without’ anything (from a full fast to skipping your afternoon latte) – what you don’t consume – you then donate the value to the cause of your choice!
      It has taken a while to get it all together (I work full time too!) – but we are getting there!
      I plan to continue the fasting…but will be modifying my approach slightly.
      My kids don’t do it – it wouldn’t be safe, but they can go without something!

      • it sounds really great, so inspiring, and i can’t wait to learn more about it! Great stuff and I feel a little exhausted for you 🙂

      • Thanks! Send a little Yoga bliss my way! I do miss it but I’m a bit of a workaholic…can’t really help it – I come by it naturally! (hehe)

      • you need some yoga DVDs. i recommend Yin Yoga to balance out your yang – look up Paul Grilley. It’s a different style of yoga but I love it because it challenged my patience and my muscles. workaholic is good too!

      • Sounds perfect! Will look into it (have heard pf Yin) – I really need to breathe and be calm. I run around ALL day so that would be good – will look into it for sure! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Seems easy Shira – now that I chanced upon this posting! Amazingly simple concept – may be the hardest thing to follow though.

  8. Paris Carr

    Great concept! Let me know if you need a grant writer 🙂

  9. Very interesting. A lot of people (including me) have a passing thought that they would like to make a difference in some way but don’t actually do anything beyond that. What you’ve done is amazing, well done for acting on your impulse, it’s inspirational.

  10. jessicajorgensen

    Your ideas align well with those of the Slow Food movement. Have you heard of it? We are student bloggers living and cooking the Slow lifestyle. You should check us out. We are having a recipe contest too that you should enter.

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