What is your food philosophy?

We all need to eat. Some live to eat. Others eat to live. Some barely eat at all. The terms for describing how we eat are endless. Do we really need to define ourselves by these terms?

“Live simply so others may simply live”

After years of playing with names, restricting myself to certain foods and constantly feeling like I wasn’t living up to what I said I was, I gave up on labels when it comes to how we eat here at home. It’s a recipe for failure.

What I have concluded is that we like what we like. Certain foods are proven healthy, others are not.

Eat well. Be grateful. Be moderate. Don’t try to label yourself. You are human.

Since I was young, I never liked meat. It’s just my preference. In my quest for health and happiness I have been all things: hardcore vegan, raw-foodist, lacto-ovo veggie, wheat-free bread lover, macrobiotic, sugar-free, all of it.

The quest for me has been to learn (and practice – the hardest part) moderation in all things.

Through fasting, perhaps we can model the kind of self acceptance and discipline that is sorely lacking from our ‘all or nothing’ approach to life. Simply becoming more aware of our actions is a very powerful thing.

Marrying a meat eater taught this hard-core veggie girl a pretty good lesson about how one diet isn’t right for all, and there is only one true road to happiness, health, and strong communities (IMHO):

More compassion. More acceptance. More middle ground.

It’s been a life long focus for me, and is a huge driving force behind the vision for Not So Fast.

We want to talk about how we eat. We want to share the wealth. And we want to give back, because really, we all can. We believe we all can.

Food is just so important. And so are people. All people.

The following folks work and influence played a big part in shaping my attitude towards food by providing information and tools that I have used as an adult and as a mother and wife.

Check these guys out if you like, some are older, some are newer, all are valuable.

  • Mirreille Guiliano – French Women Don’t Get Fat. This book is simply put one of the most valuable books I have ever read. The French know how to live, and now we can too.
  • Ann Wigmore – Pioneer of the Living Foods lifestyle and inventor of wheat grass, (ironically she died in a fire).
  • John Robbins – Author of Diet for a New America. This book changed my life forever. It’s an eye opener for anyone and still relevant to this day.
  • Victor Kulvinskas – Author of the Survival into the 21st Century – the most comprehensive and ‘out there’ health book you will ever read. Worth checking out. This was a bible in our household growing up and this guy pretty much covers it all.
  • Paul Bragg – Mr. Apple Cider Vinegar himself, this guy was the first advocate of fasting I crossed paths with as a teen.
  • Natalia Rose – Detox the World. Natalia is a believer in simple, uncomplicated raw food living. Quite refreshing in a world of wheatgrass and sprouts.
  • Mollie Katzen – Author of the Moosewood Cookbook. Enough said.
  • Michael Pollan – Author of the Ominvore’s Dilemma and In defense Of Food.
  • Frances Moore Lappe – Author of Diet for a Small Planet.
  • Tsiporah and Paul Grignon – Pioneers of Simple Living. My Parents.

Visit the ‘IPOM Recipes‘ page for updates on the food book I am compiling. Any approach to life should be holistic – I hope to inspire ways to eat well with less, using simple, nourishing, fresh (and most of all delicious) ingredients.

It is through this project I hope to offer something of value to anyone looking to join me on my journey to finding more with less ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free to share your own thoughts with us below on how you like to eat for your own well being – and just how it is you might have arrived there ๐Ÿ™‚

19 responses to “Food

  1. Your philosophy towards food really resonates with me, I completely agree with the need for moderation and accepting that we can’t be perfect. Don’t label because it simply open opportunity to negative feelings if you step out of it.

    • So true – and so good to find others on the same path ๐Ÿ™‚ I really believe our world of extremes can take a lot from this philosophy, and hope the idea of living with (just a little) less will catch on. It’s a shame we always need to ‘be’ something instead of just enjoying our blessings and living life fully – thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it and look forward to sharing!

  2. I like your point of view ๐Ÿ™‚ nice way of using ingredients and mixing it

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more on all accounts. I’ve been a vegetarian since January 2011, and I’ve slowly been eating more plant-based, holistic meals. When people ask if I’m a vegan I always say no, simply because I hate having that feeling like I’m not “good enough”, or “vegan enough”. If I eat an egg here and there, I’m okay with that. But I eat what makes me feel the best inside and out. Which just happens to be what most people call a vegan diet. Being plant-based is the best thing I’ve could have ever done for my present and future self! Thanks for sharing your compassion and positive attitude with the world!

    • Thanks for sharing this with me Andria, it sounds like you have truly found your best way! I’ll be visiting your blog often as well – looking forward to sharing!

  4. Bravo Shira! I love your work in this subject. Wishing you all the best!

  5. I have just stumbled across your blog… your attitude and ideals are so refreshing (and inspiring) I’m looking forward to reading MORE ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love this. To not label oneself is such a challenge in the compartmentalized world in which we exist, yet it is the only way to remaining open to new paths, ideas, and journeys. This resonated with me.

  7. If you haven’t read it already ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell is incredible: informative and empowering. I also love Brenden Brazier’s ‘Thrive Diet’.

    • I’ll check this out as I have heard of them both! Thank you for the recommendations, I have heard great things about Brendan’s writing.

  8. Just starting to use more veggies and fresh foods in my diet! Looking forwarding to reading more of your blog for some encouragement and ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚

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