Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Ganache Spread

Coconut Chocolate Ganache | IPOM

Holla from the beautiful hills of Whistler everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful time with family and friends over Christmas for those who celebrate. We’ve gotten cozy here in the crisp air of Whistler where we are grateful to connect and catch up with great friends over great food and clean mountain air. It’s pretty spectacular to see the snow at Christmas time, and I for one am always happy to have a break from the rain soaked streets of mild Vancouver πŸ™‚

Gearing up for Christmas always presents a lot of prep work, and this year was certainly no exception.

Our traditional family breakfast is always the same: fresh crepes stuffed with chocolate and fruit. Always easy, always good. This year I was thrilled to use this recipe in our crepes (the other half was made with classic Nutella). Smooth, rich, creamy, and 100% amazing. Not to mention ridiculously easy to prepare. It’s almost too good to be true!

Almost as good as this view from our walk home yesterday.

Whistler | IPOM

The Less:

Less milk dependent dessert options means more flexibility for those craving it. Fewer ingredients in recipes means easy work of making them. Less chemically laden processed chocolate products means more clean, whole ingredients, so enjoying delicious foods doesn’t mean you can’t pronounce what is in them.

The More:

More clean eating rich desserts means more enjoyment from less volume of them. More full fat plant-based desserts means more taste and less overdoing it. More two ingredient recipes means more two minute inspiration, so whipping up a rich tasty treat is never taxing.

Coconut Chocolate Ganache | IPOM

Coconut Chocolate Ganache Spread:

  • (1) 398 ml can of coconut milk (with the cream separated from the liquid)
  • (115-130) grams of dark chocolate

Put up a double boiler onto the stove by boiling a small pan of water with a stainless bowl resting over top. Bring the water to a boil.

Open the can of coconut milk (without shaking the can!) and using a spoon, scoop out the cream from the top of the can, reserving the liquid to use in smoothie or salad dressing.

Combine the chocolate and the coconut cream together in the bowl over the boiling water and stir as the two melt together over the heat. Feel free to turn the heat down a little to maintain just a roiling boil. Stir the two together and using a spatula, ensure any chocolate that gathers on the sides of the bowl gets re-incorporated into the mix.

Coconut Chocolate Ganache | IPOM

Once the two are nicely combined and have formed a silky smooth sauce, remove from the heat and pour into a clean jar or serving vessel. Served warm, you can treat this like a thick sauce, but to keep it, simply store it in the fridge where it will form a thick spread that can be used as an icing, or to fill crepes, or even on toast.

In my next post I’ll share the hazelnut & chocolate Christmas cookies I made, taking inspirations from this recipe.

Coconut Chocolate Ganache | IPOM

It’s always a good time to set up camp in the kitchen for a fun time of exploration – I was so happy to discover this amazing combo (and I am certain I am not the first to do this).

  • Have you experimented with coconut cream & chocolate before?
  • What would you use this for/on?

Me? I am finding ways to use this on just about anything – it is especially good with fresh banana for an easy, sweet pick me up πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear your ideas! Wishing you all a wonderful remainder to your holiday week!

Yours in Less,

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32 responses to “Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Ganache Spread

  1. Should the instructions say open the can of *coconut* milk? Lol…it says “chocolate milk”. πŸ˜‰

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Looks absolutely decadent, exactly as a chocolate sauce should πŸ™‚

    Looks like whistler is treating you well! So glad you had a lovely holiday Shira!

  3. Three cheers for two-ingredient recipes! Especially on a busy Christmas morning. I never thought to scoop out the cream and use it as its own ingredient. Hm. Do you think it would whip up like whipping cream? Or you could fold it into cashew cream to serve over a caramel or pear tart. Hope your vacation is splendid. The snow is gorgeous. Happy 2013!

    • Hi Jennifer! Yes – it does whip up similarly to whipping cream! I have tried it and have had variable success but a quick google search will yielld some promising tips if you wanted to try it πŸ™‚ Happy 2013 to you and yours! XO

  4. I have some coconut milk at home and am so going to try this!! love it!

  5. awww whistler. absolutely beautiful up there! happy holidays! xo ames.

  6. wow, great recipe,and a good way of using up some of the chocolate lying around saying ‘eat me’ The photo of Whistler is so amazing, just like an old fashioned Christmas card. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  7. I’m with you, I would use this on EVERYTHING. I would eat it by the spoon. That ganache looks amazing!! I am whoa jealous of your Whistler adventures, it looks gorgeous!

  8. I absolutely love how you’ve turned something so rich and decadent into more, in more ways than one. Thank you for sharing this one–this is going on top of my next batch of coconut macaroons, for sure!

  9. Sounds good. I wonder how it would taste between cake layers? I just may try that!

  10. Not to go all X-rated, but gee, I kinda want to take a bath in that stuff! Yowza!!

  11. Dear Shira, just nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award – congratulations:!! See

    Warm wishes for the New Year!!

  12. Just dreamy! I can imagine how good it would be in the crepes or on a banana! Happy Holidays my dear. xx p.s. the cookies look familiar, I imagine they are just incredible with the sauce!

  13. MMMMM,..;what’s not to LOVE here??? tasty looking pics & other cool pics too!

  14. Mmmm amazing! I have yet to experiment with coconut cream, I need to try my hand at coconut whipped cream along with this ganache – I would spread this over toast with some banana or drizzled over ice cream – what an awesome quick & easy spread!!!

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