Cooking Classes & Kids: Why We Love Them Both

Holla folks!

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you all know what’s been happening around here of late, as it has been (just a little) busy juggling work & family & blogging & Not So Fast all at once, and it is all so worth it.


As we gear up for another holiday season, there are so many things that can take up our time & precious mental space.

Of course, there are the basic things: family needs, school matters, home meals, laundry. There is vacuuming to do (thankfully my wonderful husband does that), and Christmas decorations to hang. I am loving Instagram these days as people share photos of their Christmas trees and (my fave) their favorite childhood decorations.

As  you all know we only get one chance at childhood, and I personally will never forget that (rather sad) day when I realized it was all over (my childhood, and yes it happened just like that), and that all that time I spent in my youth wishing I was ‘grown up’ could have been better spent being the age that I was. Young.

This is partly why I am so passionate about working with youth.


As I prepare to bring out my own childhood decorations (we just got the tree last night), I am reminded that each of us gets a chance everyday to create our own special memories, or if you are a parent or a mentor or teacher to children in any way, we get the chance to create memories for our children, either good or bad.

Kids do what we do, and kids learn directly from what we (as a collective) teach them.

Not So Fast Cooking Classes

Tonight me and our faithful group of NSF volunteers prepare to meet out third group of kids at a community center in Vancouver’s poorest neighborhood.

We cook with them and send them home with warm healthy food. We share some laughs and pass on some basic skills, and hopefully, we create some of those good memories we all hope to carry with us through life.

It’s really the least we can do and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

Not So Fast Cooking Classes

Thank you to all of you who have so generously contributed to our cause, as your support has been wonderful and we can’t thank you enough!

If you’d like to follow Not So Fast on Instagram, you can find us under @wearenotsofast (also our Twitter handle). And for those of you also interested in following me on Instagram, you can find me at @shiramcd.

I’m off to make memories, hang some decorations, and share a few laughs with some pretty inspirational peeps. I’ll be back with another delicious recipe very shortly, I promise! Thanks to all of you for following along 🙂

Yours in Less,

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33 responses to “Cooking Classes & Kids: Why We Love Them Both

  1. I enjoyed teaching my nephews how to bake and their eyes light up with a sweet treat at the end of it! Happy Tuesday:)

  2. You are so cute, Shira!! 🙂 You’re doing such amazing things! If there is ever anything I can do to help, please let me know!

    • LIZ! I’d LOVE your support! I’ll hope to have a means to include friends and blogging buds from all corners – one day soon I hope! Thanks for your support! xx

  3. Love this update and the sweet photos. Keep it up my dear!

  4. Warm fuzzies being felt so strongly – thank you for the update, Shira and for the wonderful things you are doing for kids.

  5. You have my thanks, and I mean them, for teaching how to cook to kids! It teaches them also the value of the parents effort and of the good food! And on top of it it is fun!

  6. Good for you and many blessings on the program and others like it. I’ve always said that one of the best ways to get people to eat more healthily is to have them experience good food and learn to make it. That will change lives–not making laws to try to force them to give up “bad” things and have to have “good” things. How many of us like to be forced to do anything, even what we know is good for us?

    My husband was won over to a mostly vegan lifestyle when he tasted how good the food was. Friends love good food and then are surprised and happy to find out “it’s good for them.” That’s how we’ll win hearts.

    If you don’t mind me sharing, here’s a very simple candy recipe for Christmas (or any time). It has only three healthy ingredients and is super simple to make. It gets rave reviews no matter where I take it and the recipe was requested yesterday by two of the guys painting our house once they’d tasted it. Here it is: I hope you enjoy it.


    • Janet, what a wonderful comment and thank you for penning your thoughts so succinctly – I could not have expressed it better myself! I always agree that positive enforcement is the very best method for promoting change – it makes doing good just so much more fun too 🙂
      LOVE this candy recipe – thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

      • The painters left today after almost two weeks of work and they gave two thumbs up (each) for this recipe, my chocolate(dark, of course)/raisin/peanut clusters and a number of other recipes, including a new vegan biscotti recipe I found online (and was in a cookbook I have but is packed away.) They’re gonna miss me!! 🙂

  7. Shira – I love love love what you are doing for the kids!!! You are an inspiration!!!
    Thank you for sharing – the photos are wonderful!!

  8. Hello lovely Shira – wishing you all the best as you trim your tree over in cold Vancouver (as we get air con’ fitted down here). So glad to have you as a blogging bud’. 🙂

  9. moderngirlnutrition

    This is amazing! So inspiring:)

  10. Shira you are truly inspiring! I have so much admiration for your endeavour! Wishing you all the best as you continue in this!

    P.S. I haven’t forgotten about what we chatted about oh so many months ago. The move really side tracked me, and I am so sorry it did! I’ll be emailing you in the new year 🙂

    • Awesome – thank you Gabby! I’ll look forward to that! I really need to send you the updated version of your tool (we’ve progressed way past that initial stage!)….write me when you are ready and I’ll hook you up! 🙂

  11. Shira, I can’t imagine more heart/soul-satisfying ways to be spending these weeks! Keeping ithe focus on the young ones, keeping things “real” and doing all that can be done to keep our inner spaces uncluttered and free. Proud of you girl and grateful for All your efforts! Blessings Shira! xx

  12. Fully agree 🙂 it’s such a privilege to be able to influence the next generation! Have a great time!

  13. Good for you, Shira. TIme spent with children is always time well-spent. Doing so around Christmas, even more so. Well done.

  14. You are so incredible – your community is so lucky to have you!

    • Aw thanks Heather! I think it is the other way around really, as I am learning SO much and being so humbled by this process 🙂 Thank you for such kind words!! XX

  15. You are absolutely amazing, Shira. Truly. 🙂

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