Recipe: Squeaky Clean Spinach & Stone-fruit Smoothie

It’s another gloriously fine day!

There is no man living that can not do more than he thinks he can.

~ Henry Ford

Welcome to today at IPOM fine readers!

What a fabulously fun few days it has been! Yesterday I was surprised, delighted, and humbled by none other than WordPress (thank you WordPress!) – for including IPOM as one of ‘7 Food Blogs To Read This Summer’ on the WP newsletter!

Wow! What a wonderful honor (and in some seriously good company too!), and for this I am so grateful!

To all of you who have supported this little blog and its mission from the start, and for those who are just joining us, thank you for being here.

It is such an honor and a pleasure and I enjoy each and every interaction with you, whether it is here, or on any number of your amazing blogs in this community (of which I am grateful to follow many a winner).

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.

~ Thornton Wilde

Today’s post is another fresh and simple way to kick-start either a bright new morning, a stodgy, slumpy afternoon, or even as a great way to try the concept of ‘fasting’ if you are new to it. (Trading heavy solid foods for a quickie smoothie is a great way to try it).

Blended foods are gentle on the stomach, and when filled with pure, unadulterated whole foods, are easily digested and assimilated too.

The Less:

Less additions to your fruit smoothie means easy simple ingredients that won’t break the bank. Less chewing and cooked foods means more raw nutrition that is easy to break down. Less challenging ingredients means you can find these foods anywhere, so eating this good is easy and accessible too.

The More:

More fresh spinach means more calcium, fiber, and chlorophyll. More fresh uncooked fruits means more fresh sun-kissed goodness. More blended raw foods means more clean gentle nourishment, so eating can be peaceful and healing when you need it.

Not just for Popeye!

Squeaky Clean Spinach & Stone-fruit Smoothie:

  • (2) fresh nectarines (can sub peaches or apricots, if using apricots up to 3-4)
  • (1) heaping cup frozen peaches
  • (1) large handful packed fresh spinach leaves
  • (1) banana
  • (1-1.5) cup mango juice (can also sub apricot, peach, or other yellow tropical combo)
  • (1) cup ice cubes (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until super smooth – about 1 minute minimum.

Depending on the strength of your blender, the time it takes to properly blend really varies.

Just make sure there are no chunks and if using ice, to give it a little extra time, or extra juice, or both.

We become that which we love.

~ Saint Bridget

It is said that in order to achieve a dream, that you should pursue what you love. I believe this to be true. I have referenced in the blog before that there is great power in just starting, and with this, there is also great relevance in the notion of starting as you mean to go on.

So while we can’t wait for things to be perfect before we start something new (because they never are), it is important to start as we mean to go on.

Because there is no substitute for authenticity, and it will always shine through any imperfection 🙂

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

~ Marcel Proust

Everyday is a day for new things. This smoothie was my new thing this week, as it is wonderful – and an easy way to start the day as you mean to go on!

I adore the summery taste of stone fruits and spinach is a wonderful mild green that is easily blended into these fruits with such big taste and character.

So if you think you don’t like green smoothies – you might just be surprised with this one (or not)!

There’s a wall between you and what you want and you got to leap it.

~ Bob Dylan

In the ‘coming soon’ section…

IPOM started 6 months ago to engage and connect with a bigger group of people in the celebration of good food (Holla! You guys are amazing!)

Many of you also likely know there is a bigger picture here as well.

Not So Fast, which is a new non-profit organization founded (by wee little me) last year, is just about to spread its wings a little.

We’ll be launching our new identity in the coming weeks, and sharing a story or two about (amazing) regular people (like you and me) who are making a difference in their community, by showing us that ‘living with less’, even for a short time, can make a giant impact!

We hope you’ll stay tuned while we roll this out, and I promise to keep you hungry for more great food ideas and recipes, and am (as always) looking forward to all of yours!

  • What is your favorite smoothie combo?
  • Are you a Green Smoothie novice?
  • Have you started anything new this week?

Do share – your comments and thoughts are always so enjoyed!

And of course, I am wishing you all a fabulous week…..I know I said it was last week (I ran out of time!) but after I publish this, I am turning my computer over to the pros, it’s finally time for a brand new computer!

Now, that’s my new thing. What’s yours? 😉

Yours in Less,


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82 responses to “Recipe: Squeaky Clean Spinach & Stone-fruit Smoothie

  1. love me some stone fruits Shira! Congrats on the success and looking forward to reading your stories in relation to Not So Fast. Have a great weekend (and maybe include some wine for National Wine Day!)

    • As ever, I am with the lovely Marina – both on the stone fruits (and drinking wine!) AND your fabulous success which is so richly deserved, Shira. Can’t wait to see your next steps unfold in the world of Not So Fast.

      Hope the new ‘poota arrives with no glitches!

      We love your energy. Jx 🙂

      • Thanks my most wonderful blogging friend! You are such a great support to me….for that I am so grateful!
        Raising a glass to honor you and Marina right now! xo! 🙂

    • Drinking a glass for you as we speak my friend! Also commenting from the iPhone as my computer is being transferred as we speak! 🙂 so many happy faces! xox!

      • Awww that’s so cool! I finished whatever we had left in our bottle from last night (2 glasses?)! New computers are fun!! Enjoy the vino (is it organic?)

  2. Congrats on getting featured by WordPress! that’s so exciting and you totally deserve it!! 🙂

    That loos delicious!!

  3. Congratulations, Shira!! Ah, today’s shots are beauties. Each one pops. As always, I love how you play with color and texture. Good luck with the computer transition! Theadora (Great Bob Dylan quote!)

    • Oh Theadora I put that quote in for you! I am so glad you enjoyed it – it made me smile 🙂 thanks so much – I always adore a visit from you!!! xox!

  4. I saw you there on the WordPress blog — quite an achievement. I like smoothies made with yogurt, berries and peaches the best.

    • Thank you Sharyn! I loved your smoothie post the other day – and I share in your preference of those ingredients too! Thank you – have a fabulous night!

  5. Love love your blog. I am now a subscriber and i did find out about you through the wp newsletter post. I am excited to try some recipes from your beautiful and inspiring blog.

  6. Bring it on, woman!! Excited to learn about the good things coming!

  7. I have a Vita Mix and know how to Smoothie – ha – could not resist! Have a Great Day:)

  8. Those peaches look amazing! It is my goal to try a new smoothie or juice every wk this summer. I will definitely be bookmarking this!

  9. hello – that’s quite all right, Shira – you have a cracking blog here. This is a great looking smoothie – I adore spinach and nectarines. they are in my top 5 fruits easily :D. I could eat them by the bucket load.

  10. I actually just made a spinach salad last night with nectarine dressing, so I can imagine that this tastes super light and refreshing! Congrats on the wordpress newsletter! I am so happy to hear that things are going so well for you! 🙂

  11. Shira, congrats on being included in the ‘7 blogs to follow’!!! You definitely deserve it. Sounds like some exciting things are happening in the near future and I can’t wait to see how they develop. Your recipe, as always, looks so inviting and fresh. I keep waking up every morning wanting to make a smoothie, but just end up having the same old oats or eggs…boring!!! But I’m going to make one over the weekend (with a photo as proof) to show to you 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! You have been an amazing support and it is so inspiring to see how we can share from so far away! I love eggs for breakfast…such a great way to start the day! Thanks for being you my friend! 🙂

    • And I can’t wait for your photo!! I’ll be waiting! 😉

  12. Greetings Shira! I have also discovered your beautiful and inspiring blog through the WP newsletter (huge congrats!). I am delighted to be one of your new subscribers. While the pictures, quotes and recipes in this post are amazing, what you said about “starting as we mean to go on” really touched me. I can be such a honeymooner with things, so excited at first and then dropping them shortly afterwards. Starting with intention, starting for the right reasons and starting from the heart are so important. Thank you for the wisdom…and the recipe too of course 🙂

    • What a real and inspiring note to write me – I am so happy you joined me and took the time to share this – I share the same affliction! Thank you for sharing and I hope you’ll stick around – you’d laugh if you saw my screen saver! One day I’ll post it 😉 so happy to have you, thanks again!

  13. Shira, your recipes and pictures are always so amazing! I love them 🙂

  14. Love green smoothies! This sounds phenomenal.

  15. All your smoothies look so great – I love that you’re including leafy greens!

  16. Congrats on the newsletter! You are so deserving 🙂 I’m so excited to see what you roll out with Not So Fast! You are just radiating positive energy, so things must be just brilliant in your life right now!

    What a lovely smoothie! So simple and perfect for the season!

    • Thanks Gabby! It’s a lot of work but I do love it…I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now!
      Looking forward to the summer…thanks for all if your support, encouragement, and amazing recipes! 🙂 Xox!

  17. Congratulations on the WordPress recognition, Shira!! It is so well deserved and IPOM should DEFINITELY be on everyone’s summer blog list! Also, tasty recipe today:)

  18. Congrats on the WP recognition. You deserve it! That smoothie looks delish too!

  19. nectarines and peaches — yum!! my mouth is watering!! thanks for sharing!

  20. Wow that is SO exciting – can’t wait to hear more!!! 🙂
    Love the smoothie it looks so good!

  21. Congratulations, Shira! You do such amazing work and with such a happy heart–it is a joy to get to follow along with you! I look forward to hearing more about the next steps for Not So Fast. You community is so lucky to have you! And the rest of us are so lucky to have your recipes. 🙂 I’ve never tried a green smoothie, but it sounds pretty delicious. I can’t help thinking that this is the opposite of sneaking veggies into things for our kids–here we’re eating a pile of delicious fruit disguised as a vegetable by that one handful of spinach. 🙂

    • Thanks Emmy!! Excellent comparison and too true about the veggie thing! Perhaps it works the opposite too? You think you’re eating so much green…but it’s just another way to enjoy fruits!
      Love and appreciate your kind words – and I love love your food philosophy and recipes too! Thanks for all the support my friend! 🙂 xo!

  22. Congrats my friend – I saw that list 😀
    Gorgeous smoothie too!

    Choc Chip Uru

  23. Alexiasana

    yummy smoothie, i have never tried using stone fruit in them (except mango). my favourite combo is banana, pear, spinach, wheatgrass and hemp protein. or the berry blast with blueberries, blackcurrant powder, yoghurt, banana, maca. mhmm

  24. A delightful breakfast smoothy! So refreshing too! 🙂

  25. Congrats, you definitely deserve it! I’ve never ever tried a green smoothie, but I would certainly try this combination!

    • Thanks very much Villy! This is a great first timer green smoothie – it’s super fruity and the spinach is just there to say ‘hello’! 🙂 appreciate your comment!

  26. Congratulations Shira!! So happy for you and so deserved. Love your blog and as usual another excellent post. We love our smoothies and this one looks quite delicious!

    • Thanks Karista! I really appreciate your kindness and support! Your comment on the WP article made my week, honestly! I just love your energy – keep doing what you do – I am so happy to count you as a blogging friend! xox!

  27. Congrats on the top food blog!! Your blog really is a joy to read. I am so in love with this smoothie list of ingredients. Green is the way to go!

    • Let’s hear it for green! Totally! Britt, you are a powerhouse of enthusiasm and positive energy … so happy to see you on the blogosphere, and thanks muchly for all your comments and support !

  28. Somer

    Well deserved Shira!!! Congrats! Your blog is hands down the most beautiful and inspired one that I frequent! xoxo! Also loving the stone fruit green smoothie. It’s going to be lovely to have them in season! I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast, it kick starts my day!

    • Thank you dear Somer!! I am so happy we came to frequent each others blogs! I am working sans computer this week as I am getting a new one (yay!), so a tad behind on my blog … I love your approach to food and take on the good life 🙂 you amaze me! xox!

  29. Spinach in smoothie, interesting! This might be what I need. I am lacking in iron these days. Will give this a try!

    • Awesome! It could be great for a little iron if you are lacking – let us know how you make out! I hope you like it! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  30. Yay, congrats!! On both your success with your non-profit and well-deserved recognition from WordPress! So happy for you. You do so much good and it’s exciting to see that expanding! 🙂 also, love this recipe! Thanks.

  31. Just finished dinner a little earlier and then you post these and I get hungry again LOL. everything looked soooo good and made sure that I saved your site for more recipes to browse through. Thanks for all the good posts

  32. nadinelebean

    I was doing green smoothies by stopped over concerns of Oxalates. What’s your opinion on it?

    • My opinion is always ‘everything in moderation’ (and of course I am not a health care professional!) – I’ve never heard of that condition actually, can you elaborate? Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you for the link – that is a very interesting read. I would hardly categorize the amount of leafy greens used as the writer describes as ‘large amounts’. 1 – 3 kale leaves or a handful of spinach can hardly be considered ‘large amounts’! Also, I agree that these things should be used in moderation – and particularly if you are previously eating mainly processed foods prior to starting. This I agree with 100%.
      Staying moderate is the key, and making changes slowly can assist the body greatly. Again I am not a health professional, but I am sticking to my green smoothies and raw greens as I have for years – I always feel great when I eat these foods 🙂 !
      Thanks again for the share!

  33. Lou

    CONGRATS! So well deserved… plus this smoothie looks awesome – looking forward to reading about Not So Fast adventures in the future 🙂

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